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Quality Assurance Workshop

The Mid-Atlantic States


      This website was last updated  February  7, 2014




 A special thinks to all of the vendors that attended the 2014 workshop.  Your support helps make the workshop a big success.  Hope to see you all in 2015.        

Professional Development Hours (PDH)
PDHs will be issued for any one attending the 2014 QAW.  Hours will be issued after the conference via email.  Attendees must complete an evaluation form  for each session attended.  Check with the QAW staff  if you have any questions and to pick up your evaluation forms.




Our Charter states in part that the mission of the Mid-Atlantic Quality Assurance Workshop (QAW) is to promote, adopt and emphasize new transportation technologies and the implementation of pro-active policies, practices, and procedures that ensure the real life of the transportation infrastructure equals or exceeds its design life at a minimum overall cost. ... Continue reading ...  

The Mid-Atlantic Quality Assurance Workshop is an annual event held each year since 1967. The Workshop includes five breakout sessions devoted to the latest information on highway materials in the areas of asphalt, concrete, metals, maintenance, and soils and aggregates.

The states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia make up the Mid-Atlantic QAW.  Sponsorship of the Workshop is rotated yearly, with West Virginian  hosting the 2015 meeting.  Tentative dates are February 3-5 2015.   The meeting is open to anyone interested in highway construction materials including government transportation employees, contractors, producers and suppliers.  


 PCEF and SCEF  Meetings 
The Mid-Atlantic States,  Structural Committee for Economic Fabrication (SCEF) and Pre-Stressed Concrete Committee (PCEF) meetings are held in conjunction with the workshop. The SCEF meeting will be held Monday Feb 2rd from 1 pm to 5 pm and the PCEF meeting will be held Tuesday Feb 3th from 8:30 am to noon.  Both meetings are free and open to anyone interested in highway construction involving metal and concrete materials, including government transportation employees, contractors, producers and suppliers.  The minutes for both meeting will be posted by the end of Feb 2014. 

Do you have any topics that you think may be of interest for the SCEF or PCEF?  Please forwarded your ideas to the chairman at the address listed  The workshop as will as PCEF and SCEF discourages the use of topics to be used as a advertising tool. 

The Chairman for both Committees is Mike Arasteh, FHWA.  If you want more information on these important meetings contact  SCEF/PCEFInformation@midatlanticqaw.com   
                                                         SCEF Agenda   (2014)                                 SCEF Minutes(Feb 2013
                                              PCEF Agenda   (2014)                                PCEF Minutes (Feb 2013)             

Thanks to Everyone who attended QAW 2014    
Thanks for a great workshop.  We can not do it without your support.  We look forward to seeing you in West Virginian.  The 2015 workshop location has not been secured at this time.  More information will be posted in May 2014 after the planning committee meeting. This will include vendor information, registration costs and the hotel location.  

Do you have any topics that you think may be of interest for the workshop please forwarded your ideas to the planning committed at information@midatlanticqaw.com.  The workshop discourages the use of topics to be used as a advertising tool. 

QAW Agenda 2014 
The agenda  is for 2014.  The 2015 will be posted in the fall of 2015.  Please check back in the upcoming weeks as we will be posting links to the presentations from the 2014 workshop.